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Concept art of Project Contrast

A lot of the work I've done for Project Contrast comes in the form of imagery, both concept art and pixel art (as the game is 16-bit inspired). Some of this work is not good enough to include in my portfolio on the homepage but am more than happy to share it with those of you who dug for it to get to this obscure page. This concept art is largely for myself, and consequentially ranges from good, to bad as I'm just trying to solve some visual problems and come up with ideas. Scroll to see more!

(above, the Tower of Oculi, Gate 01)

(below, visual development for The Tower of Oculi)

(below, initial character art, helm, and cooking wagon cart)

(below, visual development progress of Gate 07, the main base)

(below, preview of game progress a little before public v α0.01 release)

I will share some of the sketches I've been doing once LBX (lightbox) is over. (mid October 2022).



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