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Project Contrast v α0.09 - Dialogue Boxes!

Project Contrast v α0.09, the release before I start to implement the gameplay and story structure. I've laid the groundwork with the help of several people and multiple video tutorials for omni-directional movement, chat boxes, a menu system with settings, and many BUGS. That's right, I'm releasing a build with lots of bugs.

I won't write too much, but I will give you a list of all the updates:

- Omni-directional movement with Joystick

- Better animation code for less bugs

- Dialogue boxes with ability to skip text

- Title screen system

- Enhanced gamepad support

- Screen fades

Much more has been added under the hood that is more quality of life for me as the developer. Laying a good foundation for α0.10 was the goal for this final build, and I seem to have accomplished that. I'll be attending a game jam this weekend too, so maybe I'll learn a thing or two about game-making :)

As always, here is the windows download (it may not work, it IS buggy)

Project Contrast v α0.09
Download ZIP • 4.65MB

And some screenshots for those of you on MacOS and Linux:

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