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Project Contrast v α0.84 - Gameplay, story, art, and more!

I'll keep this short and quick because I am actually very busy with both this game, a few Workshop Academy classes, my senior year, and many other things - suffice to say I just spent 2 hours cleaning up α0.80 to α0.84 in order to get a functional build that you can PLAY.

List of new features:

- New music by the talented and skilled Derek Easterday

- Introduction sequence

- Multi-answer dialogue trees

- Semi-situational dialogue

- New ART!!

- SFX that is kinda garbage, but it works for right now

- Tile memory game (You have no idea how long that took me, a concept artist, to code.)

- Lighting! (Special thanks to GrizzliusMaximus for the YouTube guidance!)

That's all the big features, there are many more quality of life features that took me considerable time but aren't worth mentioning here.

As for bugs and other loose ends:

- Glitch effect is not working on Windows, and I did not have time to troubleshoot so I slapped a heat haze effect that doesn't look nearly as good.

- Controller code seems to be buggy at times (menu navigation is sometimes sideways?)

- Lighting causes the background to be red - it's supposed to be grayish black...

- Tile game doesn't do anything post-loss.

- Sometimes screen elements get placed in the wrong spot (like the lives in the tile game) I'm not sure why this is happening.

- Situational Dialogue is heavily flawed and I have no idea how to fix it because I'm using scripts instead of step events for all game text ;-;

- ...And many other loose ends I will need to fix by May :)

Here is the download file, and the link to play on Opera GX (the gamer browser)

Project Contrast v α0.84
Download ZIP • 54.55MB

Here are some screenshots if you can't play, or for those keen-eyed Art Directors who happened to click their way to this part of my portfolio!

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